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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  June 11, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> iraqi officials say al qaeda linked insurgents have gained control of the city situated 100 50 kilometers north of the capital -- 150 kilometers north of act that. -- baghdad. the insurgents are members of the islamic state. say ahe violence police suicide bomber killed 15 people in baghdad. the embattled prime minister
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nouri al malik i has promised to push back against extremist. >> they were forced out why jihadist militants who were making gains southwards and getting ever closer to the iraqi capital. tuesday night insurgents from the islamic's eight drove into the city and freed prisoners. it is a major power provider to the capital. islamists have also seized the home of saddam hussein. the prime minister has called on iraqis to rise up against the insurgents. authorities are even arming citizens. the army and iraqi police are stronger than terrorist groups. we are vick and of a terrorist plot.
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-- andgoing to take back victims of the terrorist plot. we are going to take back most so -- mosul. polices still blaze at checkpoints. army vehicles lined the streets. dozens of turkish citizens at the consulate have been taken hostage. iraq's foreign ministry has said it will work more closely with forces from kurdistan. critics argue the shiite prime minister has failed to address grievances among the sunni population. they stormed the turkish consulate. they are kidnapping at least 49 people, including the head of the mission. 20 trucks a day after drivers were up that did by
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militants. turkey has pledged to retaliate -- were abducted by militants. turkey has pledged to retaliate if they are harmed. .ack is in ankara what can turkey do in the face of these abductions? attendedneral staff the meeting with the prime soister and the president, clearly, military options are being explored, but what can turkey do? it's not an easy target to hit. have that fighters they could destroy quickly. the city where the turkish hostages are being held, is 100 50 kilometers from the turkish border. turkey has invaded iraq or made aq,ursions into a rack -- ir
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but it has never gone that the. turkey called a meeting to inform allies about what is happening. they have not asked them to intervene. turkey has been here before. iraqslamic militants in were kidnapping turkish truck drivers. they have more than 100,000 soldiers but could not thought the executions. the collapse has brought about the present the jewish and. hostages, they have seized 31 truck drivers in
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the past few days. a turkish newspaper is claiming one of the truck drivers phone the paper and said they expect to be released soon. credibilityw what that report has. be demand for ransom has taken seriously. it's an ugly situation with no easy solution. >> thank you very much. refugees are continuing to pour captured theadist second main city. saidk foreign minister that dad will cooperate in order to flush militants out as
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quickly as possible. >> thousands of refugees arrived ,t the check point in kurdistan many on foot. they have come from the city of mosul. half a million people have fled a rack second city. s circuit city. authorities say they will help the refugees are shoring up the border with their own troops. >> we have decided to build a cap for these refugees and supports them by giving them food and water. those who cannot go so far are trying to escape the west of by crossingof mosul the river tigris. homes they're no longer have
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drinking water on tuesday hundreds of militants pushed back security forces. police stations and took control of the airport. militants announced the group had come to liberate the city as soldiers and police fled. eu brokered talks with russia and ukraine have come to a close without an agreement to resolve a gas price dispute. ukraine has demanded an even better deal. president putin has accused kiev of sabotaging the talks. the dispute remains central, and there are fears it could set back east efforts. >> ukraine did not take long to russia'snd reject deal. on wednesday russia offered to shipments.ces on gas ukraine says russia is using gas
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prices as a political weapon. it wants an even better price and an official contract. >> russia has offered a decrease of a gas by $100 as the we areed discount. theliar with such trap. discount can be canceled by a decision from the russian federation. >> the final prices read hundred $85 per thousand cubic meters of gas. that is exactly the price russia granted ukraine when yannick ovitz was still in power, a fair deal he says aimed economy recover. >> it is aimed at supporting the ukrainian economy at a rather difficult time.
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help.aimed to >> moscow has repeatedly to turn off the tap if they fail to settle their debts, but cutting off gas to ukraine also will disrupt shipment to customers via pipelines crossing ukraine. they have offered to extend the timeline to pay their debt back to june 16. >> in france commuters have been hit by a major train and taxi trike. taxi drivers are concerned about the growing popularity of rival services. trade unions extended the strike line. it is due to end on thursday evening. taxi drivers across paris, london, and madrid clogged major roads and highways. they are increasingly frustrated
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that it endangers their livelihood. this allows you to have a car with one click, but the money doesn't go to the drivers pocket. it goes straight to the company. are they paying their taxes in france? what about in other countries? do they pay taxes in countries where they do business? >> they allow any driver to turn their car into a taxi, and the service doesn't require expense of license is. the company has hit back, saying it is being targeted because of it success. >> the name of the game is to get people to point a to point b . >> courts in berlin and brussels have already ruled against operating in those cities. london's transport agency has
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ordered a court to rule on the legality. the company has also come under fire and the united dates, where it has been kept out of several americanit is. -- cities. >> paris wasn't the only city to be hit by transport chaos. and several other cities they also went on strike. london's famed black taxis pick up let's go to benedict in london. what exactly was the effect of these strikes in london today? ask in one word, chaos. central london became a giant carpark yesterday afternoon as traffic ground to a halt after 12,000 taxidrivers staged a protest against this new smart phone app used by uber.
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there was absolute chaos. although it again in trafalgar square, it was near parliament, it had a huge effect for several hours. the protested elf was only allowed to be one hour -- protest its self was only allowed to be one hour. they were worried about the implication. these taxidrivers were intent on taking direct action, and they did just that. that is because they want to focus attention on industrial action causing this disruption to bring this to the attention of consumers and politicians. >> you touched on the industrial action. taxidrivers to upset? >> they are very upset because they considered this new app is .hreatening their livelihoods
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i should also specify apart from protesters in paris, milan, and elsewhere, the move started in the united kingdom. black cab drivers are world-famous. they spend years on huge training, between four and seven years, usually on a motorcycle, ending hours and hours -- spending hours and hours learning the streets. they are under stringent regulation. they say huber is not. huber says they are complying free with all licensing agreements. they say it will help consumers and other drivers. there is no doubt the battle is set to continue between tradition and new tech knowledge he. -- new technology.
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>> there is just one day to go before the world cup kicks off in brazil. and then the mounting excitement, questions till being raised over how ready the host nation is for the tournament. construction is still underway. >> just one day to go, and final preparations for the world cup are well underway. fans are arriving and the thousands. teams are refining their training tax escape my and the truck should workers are racing against time to finish the stadium. this is where brazil will play croatia in the opening match. the are merely putting finishing touches, but even locals doubt its readiness. construction continuing into the last minute, mismanagement is being blamed for the delays.
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>> brazil isn't ready at all for this world cup. stadium needs lots of work. too many things have been badly organized. >> temporary spans ere then directed -- been at the stadium. they have yet to hold a capacity crowd, raising safety concerns ahead of the opening match. similar things have leg other stadiums where it through them bowls -- where it resembled a construction site. they are hopeful the famous carnival atmosphere and local passion will make up for infrastructure shortfalls. the president has defended world and vows ifions brazil wins the sao paulo stadium will quickly be forgotten. time for business news.
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the european commission is looking into whether tax authorities have been too gentle with apple, starbucks, and fiat. marcus is here. >> the european commission has opened three separate investigations into the tax practices of ireland, the theerlands, and luxembourg. three countries are too lenient with that. looking intoner is the individual tax deals struck between these firms and the three countries in question. it is concerned the companies haven't and paying the same corporation taxes as their rivals, which could result in illegal state aid. the commissioner says it's part of a wider process to look at multinationals.
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public competition when budgets are tied. it cannot be accepted that large multinationals do not pay their fair share of taxes. >> we have heard from the companies in itstion as apple is denying receive fair treatment. starbucks says it is complying with existing rules. confident their tax arrangements do not breach eu rules. meanwhile, shares in the european aerospace company airbus came under question. they came as the hopes to catch up with boeing took a blow. emirates has canceled an order for 70 airbus aircraft.
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this type is seen as the best shot to break boeing dominance. to be delivered to the first customer later this year. airbus plays down the financial impact of the cancellation, inc. there are still orders for 742. stocks took ane blow following a profit warning from lufthansa. the german carrier lowered its forecast. that's down from a previous projection of earnings between 1.3 and 1.5 billion euros in 2014. they blame weaker passenger and freight demand as well as strikes earlier this year. those airline shares have an effect on wider markets as well. we saw airline shares dragging wider market down.
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we also saw a flatline on the back of a report from the world they. -- world day. the world bank has that it will growth forecast this year. -- cut its global growth forecast this year. paris was down 9/10 of a percent. we are seeing a similar picture in the united states with about 40 minutes to go of trading. the dow jones industrial average is down by about two thirds of the present. let's talk you through a couple of other stories. maygerman company says it team up with mitsubishi of japan to bid for an energy business. see the tube issue say they are working -- siemens and mitsubishi say they are working
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on a joint deal. provending has politically sensitive. the telecom arm of the french conglomerate is planning to cut more than 1500 jobs. it's part of a wider plan to turn the company's fortunes around. this is france's and it has been struggling due to competition. they have been talking to rivals about to join forces, but .othing has come out of those the spanish clothing retailer beat expectations even as they reported a rare fall in first-quarter profit. profits came in at 400 x million euros during the three-month it wasded in april. stronger than expected for zara. that is business news.
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back to you. >> think for that business roundup. it's time for a look at web news. >> welcome to the web news, where we take a look at some of the stories making headlines. coming up, peru's problem of harassment of women in public places. ahead ofaking selfies the world cup. we have to end street meant. -- harassment. she is in team -- and here shortly after being molested in the l -- molested in lima. offender.s a repeat
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this has sparked controversy on mine. many have taken to the web voicing outrage and calling to report to justice. they think the actress for coming forward about her appeal and highlighting many women in peru are subjected to this kind of harassed men. -- harassment. it is in no way a trivial issue and should be taken more seriously by authorities. in an interview with groovy and daily, -- peruvian daily she spoke out about the lack of police presence on public transport in lima. toy responded with a promise restore greater resources to combat actual harassed and. the study shows there is a major with nine out of 10 saying they had then harassed in
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public. alarming figures prompted a group of artists to start an interactive act that would report each incident. the cia has opened it account. they will post information along with the various missions. the aim is to engage more thectly with the public. 2012. theorld cup in players have taken some time out
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to place pictures online. best worldook at the cup selfies. the belgians and the mexicans were among the first to succumb to selfies fever. he posted a shot along i'd some of his teammates -- alongside some of his team mates. and it is a mexican player just before the team left for brazil. other teams all it with their predeparture shot. instagramas placed on by renaldo. has a bushy beard, which has others havesing. immortalized this. members took another -- a number of pictures on their wrist active sites.
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-- respective sites. posted thees also fees as they arrived in brazil. they are in high spirits. the website showed its support for the england team at the fifa world cup. they are worrying after the picture was posted to twitter. the photo is the result of some nifty image editing. not a single tree was harmed. the real purpose is to raise awareness of the mass the fourth nation in brazil.
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with google street view you can visit each of the 122014 world from the comfort of your own home. although kickoff to be imminent there is still some construction work underway.
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1gok underway. acรบ
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